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MMA Training with current or retired professional & amateur MMA fighters including Sam Creasy and Mick Broster 



At Precision MMA we focus on all aspects of MMA training -  Thursdays 6-7pm and Sunday 10:30-12:00 we focus wrestling, cage work and the MMA style of grappling, we have a great up and coming MMA team with some big wins to our name - Coaches include retired professional Mick Broster and active professional and former Cage Warriors world champ Sam Creasy   

Our Classes

Our classes are designed to be inclusive for all levels of experience. We prioritize fundamental aspects in our drills to ensure that everyone can benefit from our classes, whether you're a beginner or an advanced grappler.

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FREE Women's Only Jiu Jitsu

Tue 18:00-19:00

Our classes are generally mixed, however, we offer a free female-only class for those who would prefer to train this way.

Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals

Wed 18:00-19:00

Great for beginners - Learn and practice the foundations of a strong jiu-jitsu game.

10th Planet Warm-Ups

Fri 18:00-19:00

In this technical class, we focus on the warm-up flows developed by the 10th Planet legends. There are eight sets of four flows (A-H), and we concentrate on a specific warm-up routine, drilling it to perfection.

MTS - Mastering the System

Thu 10:00-11:00 & Sat 11:30-12:30

We demonstrate the latest techniques showcased in the monthly video blog, Mastering the System, created by Eddie Bravo, the founder of 10th Planet.

Jiu Jitsu Q&A

Mon 10:00-11:00

In these classes, we hold an open forum where questions are asked and we discuss and work through any issues the team may be experiencing.

Open Mat

Mon 18:00-18:45, Wed 19:00-19:30 & Sun 8:30-9:00

Drill techniques with each other, roll or do whatever you like on the mats in this unstructured session.

Advanced Jiu Jitsu

Sunday 9:00-10:30

Leg Lock Lab

Thursday 18:00-19:00

Live Rounds

Thursday 19:00-20:00

This gym has it all, great facility's, top quality coaching (Gav is one of the only 10th Planet blackbelts in the country!) and amazing training partners. The vibe here is the best I've found.

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